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Attacked by an Emu

Emu, Jurong BirdPark

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My cousin and I took my grandson to the Lazy 5 Ranch on Friday, before Labor Day.  First, we stopped at AAA and got directions to get there.  My cousin drove because I don’t like to drive on the freeways here.  My grandson was really good in the car.  He’s almost 4.

When we pulled into the ranch, there was a little booth where we paid and got some food to feed the animals.  We’d heard that it was like a safari where you drive through the ranch and stay in the car with your windows rolled down.    As we pulled our car over the grate (so the animals can’t get out) they swarmed the car.  There were antelope, goats, ostrich, deer and emus.  The emus are crazy looking birds with wild gold eyes.  I put food in my hand and with the window part the way down, I stuck my hand out and fed the animals.  Most of them were very gentle but the emus went nuts.  One stuck his head in the car and dove into the bucket of food spraying pellets all over me and the car.  He kept ducking his head into the bucket like it was the first time he’d ever eaten.  My cousin kept trying to roll up the window but she didn’t want to hurt his long neck.  At one point she rolled the window up a little too tight but the bird didn’t seem to mind.  I’m sure this had happened to him before.  He definitely knew the drill.  He kept diving for the bucket.  Finally,  she rolled up the window down just a little and the emu drew his head back.  We rolled up the window after that and drove on.

My grandson was freaking out over the emus and so were me and my cousin.  Those birds were really aggressive.  I rolled my window down again and was feeding the antelope and goats when an ostrich started running toward the car,  flapping his wings.  They are about twice as big as the emus.  My cousin yelled to me to roll up the window and as she was trying to roll up the window, I was trying to roll up the window and we got it up just before the ostrich stuck his big head in.  After that, my grandson didn’t want us to roll down the windows anymore.  He stayed in the backseat in the middle of the car and kept patting the window to make sure it was up.  He kept saying:  “Don’t roll the window down, don’t roll the window down.”  We promised we wouldn’t roll the window down again without asking him first.  He was very scared.  The ostrich had really scared me and I’m sure our shrieks didn’t help my grandson feel confident.  Our intentions really were good and we didn’t mean to scare my grandson.

As we drove on, we saw deer and pot belly pigs with their babies.  One pot belly pig had a baby that was only a day or two old.  We saw water buffalo and a rhinoceros.  There were also these cows with huge horns.  By the time we got to the pretty llamas, we were out of food.  We really wanted to feed them.  There were giraffe too, in a pen, all by themselves.  The road wound round and round and we were on it for about 2 hours.  My grandson finally calmed down since we were keeping the windows up so all was well there.

We headed home and my grandson fell asleep in the car.  He slept all the way home.  As usual, it took us less time to get home than it took to get to the Lazy 5 Ranch, but it was a lot of fun, except for the scary parts.  Me, my cousin and my husband were going out to dinner that night and my husband asked if the car was dirty.  I told him it had food all over the inside.  He frowned.  I had swept out the seats but I couldn’t get all the pellets up off the floor and out of the door.  He did a good job cleaning the car.  Except for the smears of animal snot on the windows, the car was clean.  My husband got some Windex to clean the windows.  We were going somewhere that had Valet parking so he didn’t want the car to look bad.  I blamed it on the birds.  It was really one of those:  You had to be there!

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