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My husband was fooling around on the computer a couple of months ago.  He was making a logo for a blog.  He had some program on his computer where he could look at pictures then alter them with a kind of painting program.  It was really cool.  After a few days, his logo was finished.  He set up a blog, bought the domain name Dreadmonger.com and he was ready to go.  On his blog, he does fake news.  It’s from an Independent point of view.  I had no idea he was so clever and I’ve been married to him for 40 years.  A few of his blogs are about Maxine Waters and the Black Caucus marching on Martha’s Vineyard,  Morgan Stanley running out of ways to say the economy sucks and Dick Cheney making Al Gore’s head explode.  It’s satirical and its good stuff.

He told me he would set up a blog for me.  I asked him what would I do with a blog.  He said:  “Write.”  We sat it up and here I am.  Every morning I wake up and I have nothing to say.  I have to search my brain really hard for something to write.  There are lots of things to write about in my personal life but that would be too intimate to share with the whole world.  I’m sitting here right now listening to country music on Pandora.  I’ve got 30 hours left of my 38 free hours each month.  I don’t usually listen to country, but I tired of Steely Dan, Harry Connick, Amy Winehouse and on and on.  Country was a nice change. I’ve always liked country.

Now I have to find a picture to represent this blog entry.  Pictures of the politicians are showing but that’s not what this blog is about.  I’m going to try to get a picture of a blog.  I doubt I’ll be successful.  Here goes…How about that.  Something came up.  I wonder who Deven is.  The picture of the blog is too small to read but at least I have the right picture.  And that’s it for my blog today.

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