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We had never used Craigs List until we moved from our house.  We had so much furniture, I thought we would never get rid of everything.  We put ads on Craigs List and we sold everything.

We had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves completely filled with books.  I thought for sure we’d be boxing them up and hauling them somewhere.  Around 1,000 books.  I dreaded it for months.  What are we going to do with the books.  What are we going to do with the books.  Some lady called and offered my husband $400 for all the books.  My husband said no and she came back with an offer of $500.  My husband said yes.  They were all really good books.  None of them castaways.  She was delighted to get them.

We had a couple of Lazy Boy recliners that we were selling.  Some old lady came to buy one of the recliners and my husband helped her haul it to her car.  Another lady came and bought a slate table and a recliner because my husband told her that they went together and if she wanted one, she had to take the other.  He helped her carry them to her car.  It’s amazing that people will come to pick up furniture but they won’t bring any muscle with them.  I guess they just assume the owner will help them carry it out.  If I would have been there, I would have had to say:  “You’ll have to come back with someone who can help you carry this to your car.”  The lady who bought the books brought her daughter with her to help her load up the books.  It took them quite a while.  I guess she was opening a used book store and she was thrilled with her purchase.  Some of my favorite books went with that sale.  I hadn’t gone through the books very thoroughly.  I see books in the bookstore and my husband is always telling me:  “We have that book at home.”  Or he’ll say:  “We used to have that book.”  That’s really upsetting when he says that.

We had an antique tiger oak pedestal table and 4 chairs.  We originally paid $700 for them 40 years ago.  We put an ad on Craigs List for $500.  We didn’t get one phone call.  We kept lowering the price until we finally sold the set for $175.  It broke my heart.  North Carolina is not the place to sell antiques.  The table and chairs were the last thing we had to sell.  The ad ran for months and one day, this guy called from out of the blue.  We think he was an antique dealer.  When he got to the house, he asked if we would take less for the set.  My husband said no way.  I thought we were going to have to donate the table and chairs to some organization.

Recently, my son was looking for a roommate to share his apartment.  He put an ad on Craigs List.  He got immediate responses.  About 2 weeks after he ran the ad, he found a roommate who will move in with him in two weeks.  He sounds like the perfect roommate for my son.  Craigs List has really simplified our lives.  What a world we live in.  The technology is amazing.  Thank God for Craigs List.

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