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Family Bonding

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Our family is very close.  Me, my husband and our 2 sons.  Our sons always want to do things together.  Ahh, togetherness.  Isn’t that a wonderful thing.  Family bonding.  My eldest son called my youngest son yesterday and told him he thought we ought to all go skydiving in Colorado.  I’ve had two knee replacement surgeries and my knees always hurt.  My youngest son said to my husband:  “Mom will do it for sure, don’t you think?”  My husband said:  “With her knees, I don’t think so.”  My youngest kept insisting.  I laughed all the way through my shower.  I can just picture myself in a hard landing, not being able to standt up after falling.

My youngest’s ex is getting ready to take their son to the beach for the first time in his life, on his birthday.  Our grandson is almost 4 years old.  We keep telling our son to make a pre-emptive strike and take our grandson to the beach first, for a day trip.  “Why don’t we all go?” my son says.  My husband said he will go, but being the wet blanket I am, I’m going to decline.  I can’t take uncovered sun and heat for an entire day.  I’m more like, let’s sit in the car and watch the waves.  I hope this little trip happens.  I would love to see my grandson at the beach for his first time, but it’s not going to happen.  It would, however, be a bonding experience.

Yesterday, my son wanted to bring over a TV tray and stain it.  It didn’t match his other furniture.  He wanted do it on our patio rather than his. “How about it Dad.  It’ll be a Father and son bonding experience.”  My husband proceeded to tell him no, because it would mess up our patio (rather than his) and he would leave it unfinished and my husband would have to complete the task.  There was no more talk of the TV tray.

We’ve taken a few family vacations where either one or both of our sons came with us: Seattle, the Four Corners and Orlando.  Orlando was really fun.  Our oldest son was going to fly into Orlando from Colorado and we were going to pick him up at the airport.  He called us Friday night, in Orlando, to say that he would not be at the airport because he got busted at a Halloween party for disturbing the peace and was in jail.  It was a mix-up, the cops were zealots, what can I say.  We picked him up Saturday and though our vacation was cut by a day, we had a great time.

My youngest son and my grandson are at our home several times during the week.  The only reason we live in this city is because of them.  They moved from Colorado to be with us.  If they moved somewhere else, say, Colorado, we would move in a heart beat.  My oldest lives in Colorado but comes home every Christmas.  I talk to him daily over the phone.  We recently went to Colorado for his graduation and it was a slice of heaven to see him twice in 1 year. We were able to meet his girlfriend’s family and we all went to a nice dinner.  His girlfriend comes home with him every Christmas and her family is very close too.  It’s such a nice feeling.  We finally had a bond with the people we’ve been hearing so much about for the past 6 years.

My cousin and I are unusually close.  We are almost like twins.  We email each other everyday and try to talk once every couple of weeks and we definitely talk if there’s ever a problem.  We’ve known each other for 60 years and have been attached our whole lives.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  I consider her part of my immediate family.

My husband and his Mother and sister are very close.  They talk everyday and  my husband is the Patriarch of the family.  He’s not close with his niece and nephews, but they respect him.

 It’s terrible when families don’t function.  My two brothers are estranged.  They’re both recovering alcoholics.  They can barely be in the same room together.  I think my older brother dislikes my younger brother.  My younger brother doesn’t dislike my older brother but is  annoyed by him.  My older brother keeps it going.  I’m on good speaking terms with both of them and try to patch things up whenever I can, but it’s a lost cause.  I talk to my younger brother everyday because he takes care of my Mother who is at home, in Hospice.  I talk to my older brother occasionally and it’s always good to hear his voice.  He is an unforgiving man and the rift between my brothers will, I doubt, ever heal.  This  affects me indirectly because we all live in 3 separate cities. 

If your family is close, thank the good Lord above.  People who don’t know or get along with their family are missing out.  The moral support you get from your family in invaluable.  Nothing can take it’s place.  It’s pure joy.

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