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Friday Night Music

"The Spinto Band" at The Social

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Friday night, a band was playing at the local shopping center.  My son called and asked us to come and meet him where the boutiques and eateries were, by the fountain.  A lot of people were out.  My husband and I  headed over and  quickly found a place to park.  We walked to where the band was playing music.  We heard a trumpet and a trombone among the other instruments the band was playing, the trumpet being the most distinct.

There were probably 100 people sitting around in the restaurants patio chairs and tables.  There were probably another 50 people standing around watching their children play at the playground, sitting on the retaining walls and on benches.  I found a bench to sit on and enjoyed watching the kids play.  There were kids all over the place, running around, having fun.  My grandson was among them.  Some guy was passing out bracelets that glowed in the dark and he gave my grandson one.

It was a nice, balmy evening.  The temperature outside was perfect, in the high 70’s.  We stayed for about 1-1/2 hours and really enjoyed ourselves.  Everyone was in a good mood and having a great time.  The music sounded nice and there were little kids in front of the band, dancing and shaking.  One little girl was simply running in circles.  When we tried to get ice cream at the ice cream shop, the long line prevented us from getting any.  We headed for home and had sherbet ice cream cones there.  It was a lovely evening.  A nice way to spend a Friday night. There will be concerts there for a few more weekends.  My cousin will be in town next weekend, visiting from California.  It will be a nice repeat.

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