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Hunkering Down For The Hurricane

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I’m sitting here watching the news of Hurricane Irene.  I live in Charlotte, NC.  It’s supposed to make first landfall in NC.  The Outer Banks are supposed to get hit really hard.  The meteorologist said that the landscape of the Outer Banks will definitely be changed.  I’m not sure what that means.  Beach erosion, trees ripped up, parts of the island broken off.  I guess only the meteorologist knows.  It’s scary to think that so many people will be affected by this hurricane.  Possibly the hurricane of the century.

We are a couple hundred miles inland.  I hear that the hurricane is a couple hundred miles in circumference.  Will we feel the effects of it?  There will be power outages.  The farther you are from the actual hurricane, the longer it will take to restore power.  I wonder if that will be us.  I’m not as worried as if the storm will be coming inland, but I’m scared.  The last time we got hurricane rain, it was the tail of the storm and there was a downpour.  I sat in my bedroom, in my recliner, feeling like the house was going to float away.  It was non-stop, hard rain.  It was frightening.

My son said I would not do well in a natural disaster.  Does anybody do well in a natural disaster?  He says I’m too comfortable.  I asked my husband if it was so wrong to want to be comfortable.  He said:  “No, everybody wants to be comfortable.”  My son’s age is talking.  He’s 25.  Just because he’s impervious to physical pain doesn’t mean others are.  I wonder what I would do without my medication.  What do people do when they lose their medications.  The diabetics, the heart patients, the people with bi-polar and other mental illnesses, the cancer patients.  If the pharmacies get torn up along with everything else, how do they dispense medication?  What if I wasn’t wearing shoes at the time of the storm.  I think of all the boards that could be out there with nails sticking out of them, ripped from some wooden building that’s been blown apart.  Tetanus.  I’d need a tetanus shot if I stepped on a nail.  I guess I could just sleep in my shoes.  All this in the event we hadn’t already evacuated.  There are people who are die-hards that ride these things out.  I would evacuate immediately if told to do so.

Hurricane Andrew ripped up Charlotte several years ago.  It’s not out of the question that it could happen again.  I think of the people that suffered through Katrina.  The hurricane didn’t cause all the damage.  It was when the levees broke that the buildings were flooded.  It’s a tragedy that much of the town of New Orleans has not been rebuilt.  I wonder if the city will ever be back to normal.  Where did all the people who lost their homes go?  The houses are still sitting vacant so the people must have gone somewhere.  Life disrupted.

As I sit here pondering the storm, I realize that we are ill-prepared for a disaster.  We need to get some water.  We just went to the grocery store and bought $200 worth of food.  We have 2 bottles of peanuts and a pantry full of canned goods.  I’ve got emergency medical supplies.  My flashlight is in the drawer and we have candles.  I never think we have enough candles but my husband says we’re okay.  I’ll continue to ponder what’s going to happen to us even though we’re not in the path of the storm.  I pray for all those people who are.  May God be with them.

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