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Knocked His Tooth Out


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My son called last night and told us that our grandson had fallen and knocked out one of his teeth.  The lower teeth were loose.  He was headed to the hospital with our grandson.  We were on tenterhooks.  We imagined the worst.  How that must have hurt.  Did he have a busted lip.  Would he need stitches.  How would they tighten up the lower teeth.  Would they put a crown on the tooth that was knocked out.

When my grandson was 2, he had his four front teeth crowned.  He had been sick and vomited so much that it ruined his front teeth.  They had to take him to the hospital for those 4 crowns.  They gave him a general, drilled his teeth down to nubs and crowned them with 4 beautiful chompers.  They were a little big at the time but he’s since grown into them.  It was awful when he came home from the hospital.  The effects of the anesthetic made him feel bad and he cried and screamed the entire day.  It was miserable.

When he fell last night, he knocked one of those crowns out. Not one of the front ones, but one on the side of the front tooth.  There’s a big, gaping hole there that they can’t do anything with.  They’re not going to crown it again because it would be too difficult.  My grandson is 4 so he won’t get his grown-up teeth for a few years.  He’ll have to make do with that nub for the time being.  There is a little of his tooth left in the nub so the nerve is not exposed.  The lower teeth are another story.  My son said that last night they were sticking out like a cave man’s lower teeth.  Today, they look fine.  The Dentist said that eventually, the lower teeth gums may fill up with blood and abscess then the teeth could turn gray.  I don’t know what they’ll do if that happens.

There was a bit of blood, but there was no damage to the mouth or other parts of his face.  He fell on what he calls his chinny-chin-chin.  I guess he’d just gotten out of the shower and was wrapped in a towel.  Somehow, he lost his balance and couldn’t get his arms out in front of him to break the fall.

Today, the tooth fairy came and left him $2 under his pillow.  He’s going to put the money in his piggy bank.  He’s saving for something big.  He’s not in the best mood today.  He’s weepy and needs a nap.  I hope that his teeth will be okay.  We’re very concerned about them.  We have to figure out what to feed him.  He can’t eat anything solid.  He can have yogurt, applesauce, scrambled eggs, peanut butter, mac and cheese if we cook the pasta til it’s really soft, and I don’t know what else.  I know he’s going to want some carbs but for the next week or so, he’ll be on a limited diet.  He’s a very picky eater.  I’m babysitting today so it’s up to me to do the honors.  I know he’s getting hungry so I’ll have to think of something soon.

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