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Pet Shop Stories – 2

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When I worked at the pet store, we had this ugly, brownish-black Asian spider.  He was about as big as the palm of your hand, including his legs.  He had a big, thick, bulbous body.  I only saw him once.  Every morning, with trepidation, I would put crickets in his cage for him to eat.  He was always hiding in this little log that was in his cage.  I was very fearful of this spider even though I had been told he was not poisonous.

One day these two black leather, chained and booted motorcycle looking guys came into the shop.  They were probably 18 or 19 but they were a little scary looking.  They asked if we had any spiders.  I told them we had 1.  They asked if they could see it.  I looked at the owner, LuAnn, and she said:  “Show it to them.”  She also told them:  “If he gets out, you have to find him and put him back in the cage.”  They agreed.  I opened the cage door.  “He’s in there” I told them.  Before I had a chance to back away from the cage, the spider came lunging out, quick as lightning, and jumped on my chest, scurried down my legs and ran under the display case that was holding the cages.  I have no idea what happened to make the spider come out of his cage but I freaked out.  I jumped away from the cage and stood there shaking.  It was creepy.

The guys started looking around for the spider.  I thought they’d never find it, but after an hour or so, they did.  They got the spider and put it back in the cage.  They weren’t interested in looking at it anymore.

I told LuAnn I had almost screamed.  LuAnn said to me:  “You can pee your pants but you must never scream.”  I never let the spider out again.

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