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Pet Shop Stories – 3

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One day, while working at the pet store, Donna and I were the only ones in the shop.  I was cleaning aquariums and she was in the back, grooming dogs.  I heard her yelling across the store: “Help.  Someone come help me.”

I put down my aquarium vacuum and walked back to the groomers’ station where Donna was standing with her hands on her hips.  “I need you to help me get this dog out of his cage,” she said.  I looked down and saw this huge animal laying on his belly like a beached whale.  “Can’t this dog walk?” I asked Donna.  “No” she said.  “Look at him.  Help me pull him out of his cage.”

The cocker spaniel was in one on the bottom cages on the floor.  They couldn’t put him in any other cage because of his size.  He couldn’t walk.  Donna grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and began to slowly pull him out of the cage.  After she had dragged him out, he just lay there, helpless, on the floor.  He couldn’t even stand up.  The cocker spaniel must have weighed at least 100 lbs.  He looked up at us, pathetically.  I asked Donna:  “How do we get him up on the table?”  She said:  “We just lift him.”

I grabbed the back-end of the dog and she grabbed the front end and with great difficulty, we hauled him all the way across the room, to the grooming table.  The grooming table sat up high and we had to lift him up in the air to set him on the table.

I asked Dona:  “How did this dog get so fat?”  With disgust she said:  “The owners feed him a loaf of buttered bread every morning is how this dog got so fat.”  I couldn’t believe anyone in their right mind would do that to their dog, but these people had.   Feeding the dog table scraps once in a while is one thing, but deliberately feeding a dog a loaf of buttered bread is inhumane.  The animal was unhappy and so were we.  His owners were obviously oblivious to the health risks.  It made me want to cry.

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