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Pet Shop Stories – 4

Senegal parrot

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When I worked at the pet store, we had a green and yellow African parrot named Flowers.  Flowers didn’t like women, and with good reason.  He would let any man pick him up, but forget women.  I’m pretty sure his dislike stemmed from an experience he had.

One day, Donna and Luann were trying to get Flowers out of his cage so they could clean out his cage.  The way to get a bird out of a cage is to take a bar, like a closet bar on which you hang hangers, and hold it up an inch or so in front of the bird, higher than the bar he’s sitting on.  The bird usually steps onto the bar because birds like to be high in the cage.  Flower stepped onto the bar.  LuAnn pulled the bar with Flower on it, out of the cage.  Flower continued to walk down the bar and up LuAnn’s arm.  Donna tried to get Flowers back onto the bar, but Flowers kept walking up LuAnn’s arm.  When he got to LuAnn’s shoulder, he took a bite.  He kept biting.  Flower’s wouldn’t let go.  He was really hurting LuAnn and she was screaming at Flowers, trying to shake him off.

Donna grabbed the bar out of LuAnn’s hand and whacked Flowers with the bar.  Flower’s  bit harder.  Donna hit Flowers again a couple of times until he let go.  LuAnn was bleeding from the bite.  The worst thing about a parrot bite is the pressure they apply, and sometimes, they do draw blood.  Donna put the bar under Flowers feet and he stepped onto the bar from LuAnn’s shoulder.  Donna immediately put Flowers back in his cage.   Donna didn’t hit Flowers that hard, so he wasn’t hurt physically, but it damaged him emotionally.  I don’t know why Flowers bit LuAnn.

I used to sit at Flower’s cage and talk to him.  Eventually he let me pet his head.  I was always careful with my fingers.  Flowers never did bite me.  My interaction with Flowers was always positive.  He used to sit behind the cashiers counter and he would say:  “Hello” when anybody would walk into the store.  The people would look around for the person who was talking to them, but it was only Flowers.  They usually didn’t figure out that the person speaking to them was the bird behind the counter.  It was hilarious!  I loved that bird even though he had a history.

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