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Time Warner – $99 bundle

Time Warner

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A few days ago, a friend told me that she signed up with Time Warner for a $99 bundle; ,TV  internet and telephone, for a year.    I have been an existing customer of 
Time Warner for over 5 years.  Here’s how I got that deal.

 Every month or so, I call Time Warner and ask them what they can do for me.  I have gotten the price of all the premium channels down from $40 to $27.  We were paying $175 with all my discounts.  We have everything Time Warner offers except DVR.

When I got the representative on the phone, I told him that my friend had a bundle for $99 and that I would like that deal.  I told him it wasn’t fair that she had it and I didn’t since I’d been with Time Warner for 5 years.  He said:  “Well, lets look at your account.”  He pulled up the information he needed and said:  “Can you hold while I make the adjustments to your account?”  I wasn’t sure what the adjustments would be but when he came back to the phone, he told me that the new price of the bundle would be $134.  Whoopee!

 I told my husband and he said “Good work.  That’s $500 a year.  You just made $500 and you didn’t even get out of your chair.”  The representative told me that the only reason I got the bundle at $99 was because Time Warner currently has a promotion for the $99 bundle.  If the promotion wasn’t already in effect, I wouldn’t have gotten the deal.  You, too, can get the $99 bundle (plus additional dollars  for premium channels) if you do what I did.  I tried this once before and they didn’t go for it, but this time I was a little more insistent.  I was very nice when I called.  I didn’t bully them but I did whine a little.  I don’t know how much longer this promotion will continue, but good luck.

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